Wednesday, June 29, 2011

confession of a new sad addiction

ugh.. you guys.

every once in a while, i get hooked on ridiculous shows on ridiculous shows that i have to watch sneakily while olive is taking a nap and matt is working upstairs. i think my lowest moment was my short lived addiction to the freak show known as "the bachelor" (the jake season. it had the strange appeal of watching a multi-vehicle car wreck.)

now it's "the voice." it's a step up from "the bachelor" but it's still pretty ridiculous. and addicting. and i'm on team Dia, if you're still reading this silliness. :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DC instagrams

figuring out where we are

the reptile house at the national zoo

look closely and you can see two little frogs..

this may have been olive's favorite part of the zoo :)

walking in georgetown

best gluten free cupcake ever (at "sprinkles" in georgetown)

at sprinkles..

at the national zoo

all i wanted for my birthday was a date with matt in DC, to walk around downtown
(and to just maybe get a gluten free cupcake...)
but when we couldn't find a sitter for olive, we decided to make it a family date, and went to the zoo.
(olive's first time!)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

the big 2-5

today's my birthday. i feel very blessed to have loved ones in my life who reminded me of that fact, and made me feel loved. matt took his girls out for coffee this morning, even though it was a work day, and he totally surprised me by having TWO boxes of my favorite gluten free cookies overnighted to me from a favorite bakery in columbus. he also took us out for gluten free pizza for dinner, and let me have some quiet time while he played with olive this evening. i got a few cards and phone calls from loved ones, and lots of well wishes on facebook. all in all a really nice day. :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

good soggy fun

[setting up camp]

olive and her fox chair

[cozy tent]

[sweet baby]

[my favorites]


[lots of rain]

[my baby...who's not really a baby anymore!] :(

[trying to get clothes (and diapers) to dry]

[i adore this family]




[cutie pie!]

[beautiful woods]

[all worn out.]

Monday, June 20, 2011

"mama's glassies!"

those were olive's words when i got her up from her nap today, wearing my new specs. i was diagnosed as being slightly far sighted, so these will just be for reading and computer time. i'm ridiculously excited, as i've wanted to wear glasses for years. husband thinks i'm a weirdo (but don't worry, he approves of the frames i chose.) ;)

father's day..

we had a fun (albeit wet and muddy) father's day camping trip. (yup...rained the whole time.) olive loved the whole experience, and even slept through a long, very noisy thunderstorm our first night.

my favorite part? watching matt and olive have a blast together. they're so much alike, these two... i picked a great daddy for my baby.