Thursday, September 29, 2011

in honor of feeling human again, some recent pictures...

i've been having a really good week. tomorrow marks seven straight days vomit-free! a record! i'm hoping it lasts. it feels amazing to feel normal!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

i'm still alive. just barely.

i've been feeling pretty horrible lately. i've had no desire to blog. but i want my sisters to keep blogging so i can snoop on their lives, and one of my sisters told me if i wanted her to keep blogging that i should update mine once in a while. (touche.) so here i be.

my brain feels like scrambled eggs so i'll just throw out some [very] random [but true] tidbits:

1. this 13 week old baby is a cunning little saboteur. while on one hand he takes great pleasure in making me sick to my stomach constantly, he won't give me the satisfaction of at least looking slimmer after all of my hurling. oh no. because he's managed to make me feel sick constantly and yet at the same time crave such horrible things as fried bologna sandwiches. i swear. fried bologna sandwiches with mustard are on my mind constantly. i want one before i throw up, and i want another one after i throw up. i'm sorry if this is making you as sick as it should make me, but i'm just keeping things honest here.

2. i love peppermint icebreakers icecubes gum. it is my favorite. it keeps the nausea at bay, especially when i'm in the car. and when i sent matt out to get some for me and he came back with a huge tub of trident white in spearmint instead i was convinced i was going to die. so today i went to target and bought three huge jumbo packs of my peppermint icebreakers icecubes gum. because more is more and more is better.

3. olive is lots of fun these days. she sings all day long, and sometimes into the night when she's supposed to be giving mama a break getting her beauty sleep. she loves drawing pictures, and is already drawing faces and fruit. she draws a really good apple. she knows all her letters, and what sounds they make. she can spell her name. and when we applaud her intelligence, she has started saying in a very serious voice "smart girl." which causes matt and i to just about die laughing. (she's also started pronouncing certain words in a british accent, just like her favorite characters on her favorite show, "kipper the dog." she insists on pronouncing "ok" like "oh-kaiiiiiii.")

4. today i bought my first pair of maternity jeans for the this pregnancy. of course they need to be hemmed, (grr...) which makes me wish grace were around so i could pay her to do them for me!

5. bologna is so disgusting.. why does it sound and taste so good while i'm pregnant? i'm so ashamed.

6. V-8 has become my new best friend. it tastes amazing with the tuna fish that the midwife says i shouldn't be eating. (tuna is another thing i think about all the time.)

and that's about all i can think of right now (other than bologna and tuna and peppermint gum, that is.) hope this is satisfactory, grace! ;)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

let's call it a hibernation day

today we all three slept in until 8am.

we had a lovely lazy morning, followed by a speedy trip to get some groceries, and then we picked up some thai rice noodles for lunch just for the heck of it.

then we all went straight back to bed for naps...from 1pm - 5pm. i kid you not.

happy saturday!

(i have been so busy napping and feeding my apprently newly ravenous fetus, that i haven't had much time left for blogging. i will attempt to mend this situation soon!) xo