Sunday, June 10, 2012

getting back to work

I'm having a hard time loving some things lately.

(Like the fact that I'm turning 26 in 2 weeks. But lets not talk about that.)

And the fact that I have a very post-partum body right now. And it ain't pretty.

Actually, what I'm hating more than the sagginess and bagginess, is the crazy hormone ride. That's one of the great things about pregnancy - 9 months of high, happy levels of progesterone that keep me feeling pretty level headed and happy. Post partum hormone fluctuations and mood swings are not my (or Matt's) friends. They kind of make everything else seem a lot worse than they probably are.

Anyway. I'm back to hitting the treadmill. I started two weeks ago. An hour a day of running/brisk walks and strength training with free weights in the mornings and family walks outdoors at night. It's harder to make changes with the diet, because I'm working at pumping as much milk as I can to feed my ornery (but oh so stinkin' cute) son who refuses to nurse, so I can't really afford to go on a low calorie diet. But I'm making healthy choices, eating lots of fruit and veggies, cutting back on sugar and snacks, etc.

I feel awesome, but I am really disappointed because in 2 weeks of tiring workouts and eating right I've lost one stupid pound. Like, what the heck body? I know you're not a teenager anymore but you should still be able to drop pounds with hard work, right?

I'm trying to make my motivation for working out and eating right about feeling good and being healthy, not about appearances. I feel good when I work out every day, so I have no plans on quitting.

But it's still frustrating. Gosh darn it!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Mr. Universe

finding good comedy, these days, is really hard.
(and by good, i mean family friendly, won't-make-you-blush or feel like
you need a shower afterwards.)

that's why i've kind of fallen in love with mr. jim gaffigan.
he makes family friendly, ordinary topics like fast food, large families
and even hot pockets wildly entertaining and hilarious.

you can watch two of his stand up specials on netflix.
"mr. universe" just became available to stream this week and it's hysterical.

(disclaimer: he does use a few mild swear words and reference pornography a couple of times, but
not in a way that we found overtly distasteful. but because of those things i probably
wouldn't recommend for really young children.)

Monday, June 4, 2012

2 Months Old

Silas turned two months old yesterday!
(Wow that was a fast two months!)

He is 14 lb 10 oz, and about 25" long!

These days, he's all about smiling at his adoring family members
(especially that fascinating sister of his)
and practicing holding up his very heavy head.

He's eating like a champ (obviously) and was a great little
traveler over Memorial Day weekend, only making
us stop once on the 7 hour drive so he could eat! 

And not to brag too much, but he's been sleeping through the night
for a couple of weeks now!

Our big, easy going, handsome boy...
We love him so much!


we were blessed with perfect weather last weekend, and decided to pack a little picnic dinner to take to antietam battlefield in MD. it was an awesome evening.

we hope there are more fun picnics in store this summer!