Wednesday, December 28, 2011

some obligatory maternity pictures

some people are so great (and photogenic) that they document each week of their pregnancy through maternity pictures. i applaud their high levels of motivation and self-confidence.

with my pregnancy with olive, i had one...just one...picture of my baby belly taken. i allowed my sister to take it, with much protestation from me, when i was about a week past my due date. as swollen, puffy, and huge as i was at that point, (i don't think it's possible to feel more ugly and unhuman than when you're a week overdue...) i love that picture now, and i feel sad that i don't have any other pictures from that pregnancy.

this pregnancy i've tried to take more pictures. they've all been been taken with my phone, so they're not great, but i'm glad i'll be able to look back at something and remember what it was like carrying my littlest man. :)

[most recent pictures, at 26 weeks.]

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