Tuesday, January 17, 2012


almost 30 weeks over here. other than having a weird case of food poisoning last week that knocked me off my feet for a few days, i've been feeling extremely well. sleeping well, not too sore, and enough energy still to go for long walks and do some organizational work around the house to get ready for this little boy's arrival.

it's coming up so fast, that i freak myself out thinking about it too much, because thinking about what's happening so soon in great detail makes me feel extremely unprepared and more than a little frightened. maybe it's a blessing to be too busy to think too much about it right now. when i was pregnant with olive i had ample time to overthink everything, and STILL all my carefully made plans got thrown to the wayside, and nothing turned out the way i imagined it would.

i'm trying to just roll with the punches this time. no labor and delivery plans, other than getting baby boy here safely and healthily. and no expectations as to what our new little man is going to be like. it was a huge shock to me realizing that newborn olive was just by nature a rather cranky, un-cuddly little person and not the snuggly, content newborn i had been expecting. so this time around - NO expectations. i'm looking forward to learning all about this guy's own individual little personality and attitude after he's born.

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