Monday, April 16, 2012

I Hate Breasfeeding... least, the first few weeks of it.

ouch, ouch ouch!

i've been so frustrated lately, because my voracious little pirhana darling has been tearing me up. he's getting plenty of milk, his latch doesn't seem bad, but i've got bruises galore and am just barely surviving with the help of my new best friend, "motrin."

of course, the lactation nurse (who has been wonderful and has made THREE house calls to help me out and is making a 4th trip out tomorrow,) keeps insisting i shouldn't be feeling any pain at 2 weeks post partum, which makes me feel like a total failure. what are we doing wrong, baby silas?

i'm determined to see this out at least another week in hopes that things start getting better (they've GOT to get better, right?) but boy-oh-boy, memories of watching my husband feed  feeding my daughter formula have been tempting me sorely to give up, especially during those agonizing, painful, sleepy night feedings.

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