Friday, July 20, 2012

Daddy's Boy precious are these two together?

Silas is infatuated with Matt these days.
It was inevitable. It's pretty much impossible not to fall in love with that guy. 

But I get a teenie tiny bit jealous when I see Silas making those eyes at Matt,
and vying for Matt's attention, and completely ignoring ME! His mother! 
(Hey son, I'M the one who carried your heavy rear end in my belly for 9 months! Not that cute guy!)

But it's good for a boy to be in awe of his daddy. 
And those silly jealous feelings aside, I could watch them play together all day.
I adore my boys!

(And yes, that is Olive running around pants-less in the background. We are smack in the middle of potty training, so pants haven't been very popular lately.)

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