Monday, August 6, 2012

a little "lately" update

so lately...

1. we are doing a 30 days without sugar challenge. mostly just matt and i, though olive is going to have to tighten up as well. that girl loves her ice cream as much as her mama and that probably isn't the best thing.

2. we have all been so sick. the summer cold from h-e-double-hockeysticks has hit the 4 us with no mercy. i've had a particularly hard time and can't seem to kick the fever.

3. speaking of which, i'm pretty sure i have been infected with lyme again. i got a horrible insect bite a month ago that came with such a bad rash that i had to be put on a steroid to decrease the swelling. i thought it must have been a spider bite but now i'm thinking it may have been a tick bite. i have been having a host of old symptoms that i thought i had beat once and for all. so frustrating. i have a dr. appointment thursday about it.

4. we have been working on getting our house ready to be put on the market. we are so excited to be inching closer and closer to our goal of getting out of our too-small-house!

5. matt and i are addicted to watching "the biggest loser" on netflix. i don't know why i just admitted that. but those contestants are pretty darn inspiring!

6. we are counting down the days until we head down to hilton head in september for a family beach vacation! can't come soon enough!

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