Tuesday, July 12, 2011

zucchini and coffee

we got our first fully grown zucchini off the vine yesterday. i had been eyeing a recipe in my favorite gluten free cookbook for "zucchini cake" for weeks, so i knew exactly what i wanted to do with my first zucc. :) i frosted the cake with a light cream cheese frosting, and it is deeee-vine.

speaking of all things divine...

we have fallen hard for iced coffee. we love it so much that we're making our own at home. (at least a gallon a week. i can't believe i just admitted that.) i try to justify the indulgence by making our iced coffee decaf, and i've learned to drink it with cream or milk only, no sweeteners. but it's still pretty over the top. (i love the way it looks the minute you add milk. so pretty!)

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