Tuesday, August 23, 2011

meet small frey #4

matt and i were nervous wrecks as we went into the ultrasound room at the midwives' office this afternoon. (or at least, i was. my husband has nerves of steel. i have nerves of...what's the opposite of steel?)

we are SO thankful that the ultrasound immediately showed a rather healthy looking peanut of a baby, with a nice strong heartbeat. baby even obliged us with a little wiggle-dance, which was exciting!

we told olive "there's our baby! how would you like a baby of our own?" to which she replied "baby stinky."

we foresee many fun adjustments in the near future!

we're almost 9 weeks along, and our official due date is march 30th, 2012. (which means we might end up with two april fools babies!) :)

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