Monday, August 1, 2011

two-day "date" and surprises

it has been HOT!

my mother in law watched olive for a couple of nights last week, while my niece and nephew were in town visiting (olive loves cousin time!) it was very quiet and lonely at home without baby girl, but we tried to take advantage of the time together. we saw "captain america" at a local dinner theater, and stuffed ourselves silly on burgers (sans buns!) and popcorn.

it's a treat getting to go out for coffee by ourselves. we even got to read through the paper without olive spilling milk all over it.. ;)

i had been feeling kind of funny for a week or two, so with fingers crossed we took a little test to see
if our suspicious would be confirmed...

it's really too early to be sharing, but since only our families read this blog, i thought i'd share the "proof." we're very happy, and very anxious as the first trimester can be so scary. i'm looking forward to (hopefully) getting an early ultrasound next week so we can get a little peace of mind!

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